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The Latest Trend: Shipping Container Parks

It may come as a surprise to you, but your local mixologists, foodies and retail junkies may have found a new place to frequent:  A Container Park.  We’ve already discussed the potential benefits of Container Living, containers for urban farming, and the traditional storage benefits of industrial containers.  It’s high time we dove into the benefits and joys of using a shipping container for vendors and retail.

Case Study:  The Downtown Container Park in Las Vegas, Nevada

Perhaps one of the most well-known and adorned examples of retail shipping container parks is that of the Downtown Container Park in Vegas.  This cultural hub located on historic Freemont Street is bustling with boutiques, unique cuisine, and live entertainment virtually all the time.

Described as being an open-air shopping center, this park offers everything from upscale restaurants to food-truck style grub and everything in-between.  This 19,000-square foot area consists of a mixture of forty-three re-purposed shipping containers and forty-one Xtreme cubes to house roughly 39 shops, restaurants and bars.

This park is truly amazing, but why should someone consider something like this as an option for their business?  In 2014 alone, the area saw over 18,000 visitors per day, on average.  This adds up to about 126,300 people per week who patronized this park.  These businesses are gaining a lot of exposure, and this exposure could be attributed to the mere novelty of the concept of shipping containers as retail space.  

Where Else Do Shipping Container Parks Exist?

San Diego

In 2015 The Quartyard opened up to feature live music, libations and food trucks.  Since its inception, its grown into what’s now known as a focal point for festivals, craft beer and even well-kept dog parks.

Other Parts of Nevada

In Reno, NV, the concept of using shipping containers as housing for bars and restaurants is beginning to catch on.  In early 2017, The Eddy, an outdoor, fenced in area with shipping containers surrounding it, opened in downtown Reno, Nevada.  This beer garden and community watering hole is the first of its kind to reach the area.

Offering a mix of outdoor recreation and aesthetically pleasing outdoor seating, this container park is an exceedingly popular spot for friends and families of all ages to gather.  

These outdoor shopping and eatery centers are popping up across the country.  Who knows how long it will be before one pops up in our neighborhood or local downtown region.  Will your business be ready?  Are you considering hopping on this trend that seems to have no end in sight?  

Is a Shipping Container Park Right for Your Retail Business?

Other California cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Long Beach have already climbed aboard and are thriving.   So, are you interested in developing your own Container Park or joining a current one?  According to, setting up shop in a refurbished shipping container may be an affordable and appealing alternative to traditional retail.

In an article that follows the story of one refurbished sunglasses retailer, The Entrepreneur describes how this sunglasses business could charge a premium for their sunglasses, control the presentation of their product, and attract their ideal consumers.

Food for Thought:  This sunglasses shop was excelling in New York City, paying only $1,400 per month including utilities for the space.  Paying that amount for retail space in New York City is unheard of.  It’s probable that shipping container park life is more affordable than traditional brick and mortar.

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