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Miami Portable Storage for Homeowners

Building a new house or remodeling your current home is an exciting process that can make your dream house a reality. However, the construction process can take months, or even years, which can create a number of challenges for homeowners. You may be bothered by the dust and noise of construction, and you won’t have full access to the parts of the house that are being constructed or remodeled.

The building and remodeling processes also impact storage space, so homeowners must consider where they will store their belongings and furniture during this time.

Homeowners in Sothern Florida choose Instant Storage for our versatility and wide range of temporary storage options. For example, we offer on-site storage, which is perfect for people who need additional storage and want to have direct access to their belongings. Our Miami portable storage containers are available in a variety of sizes depending on your storage needs and the size of your property.

Instant Storage also transports 8×20 foot containers anywhere within 75 miles of Opa-Locka Florida using our loaded container handler. Your personal effects can be safely and conveniently transported to your new home, or to our mini storage facility in Opa-Locka Florida.

Our Residential Storage Containers are ideal for:

  • Securely storing furniture and belongings during home renovations
  • Additional storage space
  • Storing tools and other construction supplies
  • Transporting belongings from one location to another

If your need on-site storage for longer than you originally anticipated, don’t worry. Instant Storage offers flexible rental options to serve you for as long as you need storage.

Why Choose Instant Storage?

At Instant Storage, our goal is to make your storage experience as convenient and hassle-free as possible. Our customers also appreciate that we offer:

    • Affordable storage at competitive prices
    • Same-day delivery and pickup (upon request)
    • Secure and solidly-built storage containers with optional ENFORCER locks for unbeatable protection
    • Wide variety of portable shipping container sizes and configurations
    • Custom modifications and add-ons to meet your storage needs

If you need more storage for your home, or are considering a renovation or new build, contact Instant Storage to learn more about our residential storage containers.

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