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Hotel owners and managers have one goal: to increase booking and occupancy rates. There are times, however, when renovations, upgrades, and property improvement plans force management to convert hotel rooms into storage areas, stripping these spaces of their revenue-generating potential.

Portable storage containers offer a cost-effective solution to this problem. During construction, remodeling, and other events that disrupt hotel operations, you can store furniture, carpets, linens, and other supplies in these secure on-site containers.

Think about it: Hotel managers that use one hotel room for storage for an entire month lose out on thousands of dollars in potential revenue from guests. On the other hand, renting an on-site portable shipping container allows hotel managers to reclaim the revenue that would otherwise be lost. Having on-site portable storage also reduces the cost of transporting supplies from the hotel to an off-site facility or warehouse.

Stop using hotel rooms that could be generating revenue as storage space. Our broad range of portable storage containers in Florida and California are smart hotel storage solutions. You choose the container you need, when you need it, and where you need it, and Instant Storage will do the rest.

Benefits of our hotel storage solutions include:

  • Optimizing revenue-generating spaces like hotel rooms and meeting venues
  • Providing secure year-round on-site storage for hotel fixtures and supplies
  • Providing temporary storage for furniture, beddings, carpets, and other materials during property improvement plans, renovations, remodeling, or expansion
  • Ground-level access makes it easy for staff to retrieve supplies
  • Protecting expensive hotel equipment and assets from theft

Why Choose Instant Storage?

At Instant Storage, our goal is to make your storage experience as convenient and hassle-free as possible. Our customers also appreciate that we offer:

  • Affordable storage at competitive prices
  • Same-day delivery and pickup (upon request)
  • Secure and solidly-built storage containers with optional ENFORCER locks for unbeatable protection
  • Wide variety of portable storage container sizes and configurations
  • Custom modifications and add-ons to meet your storage needs

For more storage and security at the jobsite, contact Instant Storage today, or generate a quick quote now!

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