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Healthcare Storage Solutions

Storage areas are often an afterthought when it comes to hospital and clinic design. As a consequence, many healthcare facilities lack ample storage space. Projects like renovations, reorganizations, and remodeling put additional strain on already limited storage spaces. A lack of storage space forces some healthcare facilities to use other spaces, like patient rooms, to store excess supplies and equipment.

A healthcare organization’s profitability depends, in part, on how many patients it can serve. This means that the use of patient areas for storage can have a negative impact on profitability. Employees may also be frustrated by the lack of storage if their workspace feels cluttered and equipment is difficult to access.

Instant Storage provides affordable healthcare storage solutions to hospitals and clinics in need of additional storage space in Florida and California. Our broad range of non-sterile, portable storage containers are clean, secure, and ideal for storing a variety of medical equipment, patient records, and supplies.

Benefits of our healthcare storage solutions include:

    • Easier access to important but infrequently used equipment and records
    • Access to patient rooms that were once used for storage
    • Saving money that would otherwise be used to rent an off-site storage facility
    • Not needing to build a larger facility
    • Improved supply chain management

Why Choose Instant Storage?

At Instant Storage, our goal is to make your storage experience as convenient and hassle-free as possible. Our customers also appreciate that we offer:

    • Affordable storage at competitive prices
    • Same-day delivery and pickup (upon request)
    • Secure and solidly-built storage containers with optional ENFORCER locks for unbeatable protection
    • Wide variety of portable shipping container sizes and configurations
    • Custom modifications and add-ons to meet your storage needs

To learn more about our healthcare storage solutions, contact Instant Storage today, or generate a quick quote now!

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