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Construction Storage Containers

The theft of tools and equipment from job sites is a major concern for construction companies and contractors like plumbers and electricians. Stolen equipment results in monetary loss and may cause project delays if the tools aren’t replaced quickly enough.

Portable storage containers from Instant Storage save construction companies and contractors money by providing a safe and secure place to store expensive tools and equipment. Heavy duty locking mechanisms on every door keep thieves away from your equipment.

Instant Storage offers a variety of construction storage containers and shipping containers in California and Florida to meet your jobsite needs. For example, our mobile container offices serve the dual purpose of providing secure storage and an office space to hold meetings and review plans. On-site storage also improves efficiency by eliminating the need for workers to travel back and forth from the jobsite to an off-site storage center to retrieve supplies and tools.

Our secure, mobile construction storage containers are perfect for:

  • Protecting valuable tools and supplies from theft and the elements
  • Providing an on-site office for meetings
  • Providing a work and storage space for subcontractors

Why Choose Instant Storage?

At Instant Storage, our goal is to make your storage experience as convenient and hassle-free as possible. Our customers also appreciate that we offer:

  • Affordable storage at competitive prices
  • Same-day delivery and pickup (upon request)
  • Secure and solidly-built storage containers with optional ENFORCER locks for unbeatable protection
  • Wide variety of portable storage container sizes and configurations
  • Custom modifications and add-ons to meet your storage needs

For more storage and security at the jobsite, contact Instant Storage today, or generate a quick quote now!

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Preferred Storage Container Provider

  • Davis Brothers Construction
  • Turner Construction
  • Pemberton Building Inc.

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