Shipping Containers Used In Farming Operations

Using the small interiors of shipping containers, the facility in Summerville farms has moved its operations indoors. By retrofitting 320 square feet of storage, they converted available space into a highly productive aeroponic farm. Seed to harvest, they can produce nearly 4,000 heads of lettuce in just five weeks. That’s almost 13 heads of lettuce per square foot and a little more than 40,000 per year.

Farming traditionally requires land – and plenty of it. In urban areas, farming is nearly impossible where space is limited and expensive. Food often is shipped in from rural farms. But what about all the space above the ground?

Some innovative farmers like Tiger Corner Farms have taken an innovative approach to vertical farming. Recycling empty shipping containers, they’ve created mobile farms that can be functional in any environment.

They use an alternative method of growing called aeroponics. Hydroponics grows crops in a soilless environment where roots bathe in a flowing nutrient solution. In aeroponics, roots dangle in a humid, nutrient-rich atmosphere rather than liquid.

Every 10 minutes, nutrient solution is misted over the roots inside the panels. The excess solution drains to a reservoir to be recycled. An average of 10 gallons of water is used daily. This system not only reduces manual labor, it tracks every crop from seed to harvest.

The shipping container is a closed system that relies completely on LED lights mounted on all sides of the panels. The light spectrum is optimized for plant growth. LEDs generate very little heat, which reduces the need to cool the container.

Of course, this self-contained system relies on power. Any failure in the system, whether power or a component, will alert the manager via phone or other means. In the meantime, generators keep the system running.

Many innovative farming operations now see its product as a way of filling a need for local produce in an urban environment. This self-contained farm can be operational in most areas and grow a variety of leafy greens and herbs.

Farmers can now finance the purchase of portable storage containers

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Farm Service Agency has announced farmers can now finance the purchase of portable storage containers as part of changes to the Farm Storage Facility Loan program.

Currently, the Farm Storage Facility Loan program offers low interest financing options to help food producers build or upgrade facilities. As these structures tend to be larger, it’s not uncommon for commercial farmers to take advantage of the loan program. Smaller and independent farmers face difficulties because they needed the storage space, but may not have the resources to secure a loan.

With the changes, smaller farmers can now afford to take out loans in order to obtain portable storage units.

New microloan option

As part of the changes, the USDA is introducing loans with a microloan option that come with smaller down payments.

This new microloan option offers farmers the ability to qualify for a smaller down payment of 5 percent while not requiring them to provide any prior production history. According to the USDA, the total of the loan cannot exceed $50,000.

It is expected that the microloan programwill be of particular benefit to small ranchers, farmers and producers who do not have access to large, commercial storage.

The USDA noted these changes are a continuation of policies and efforts that have been ongoing since 2009 in an effort to help further the development of local food sources.

Growing demand of local food

Based on current trends, it is no surprise why the USDA is placing an emphasis on local food producers and helping them fulfill their storage needs.

“Local food sales are expected to increase to a market value of $20 billion in 2019.”

Recognizing this trend, over $1 billion has been invested in regional farming operations. Some of that money has gone toward infrastructure and training farmers.

Why storage is needed

If predictions from the USDA hold true, farmers will need to meet the growing demand from consumers. In turn, they will need more equipment and materials to ensure farming operations meet demands.

In the foreseeable future, farming operations will benefit from using mobile storage containers to store valuable equipment on their land. With this program’s help from the USDA, farmers will have an easier time obtaining these portable storage units.

Shipping Containers for Natural Disaster Preparedness

In the wake of so many tragic natural disasters taking place both in the United States and abroad, disaster preparedness is top of mind for many business owners and families.  Prepping for a natural disaster can range from very minimal planning and shopping to the more complex preparations like designing a storage facility and temporary shelter.  Utilizing storage containers for natural disaster prep is a great way to secure belongings and to create a safe place to go for you and your loved ones.

Below we’ll discuss the ways in which storage containers like those sold by our experts at Instant Storage can be ideal for whatever your disaster plans may be.  Being that mobile storage containers come in many sizes, certain options are more suited for some projects than others.  If you have any questions regarding the best use of a particular container, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Portable Storage Containers As Long Term Storage

If you are interested in storing your emergency supplies inside a container, there is much to consider.  First, the amount of storage needed is dependent on several factors.  Will you be storing for only yourself or do you have a large immediate or extended family who may need supplies?  

Storing just enough supplies for yourself can be accomplished easily with an 8×10 portable storage container (the smallest dimensions offered by our company).  This option has a capacity of 80 square feet – enough space to comfortably store nonperishable food items, bottled water, a generator and all other essentials.  

8×10 shipping containers set themselves apart in terms of strength and durability, so you can rest assured that your goods are safe.  Being that most containers can hold an average of 55,000 pounds, you need not concern yourself with the weight of your supplies.  Additionally, they are well suited to withstand the elements, so your goods can be protected amidst the worst weather and natural disasters.

Whether you’re battling flooding, harsh winds or even earthquakes, shipping containers used for storage of emergency supplies are built to last.  Apart from natural disasters, these containers are ideal when faced with looters.  During the most recent hurricanes (Harvey and Irma), stores and residences faced the imminent threat of larceny.  Utilizing our double-door containers eliminates this threat because they are virtually impenetrable. In many cases, business owners will just rent a shipping container while they wait out the natural disasters and then have them picked up once things settle down.  

Shipping Containers As An Emergency Shelter

In addition to their optimal storage implications, shipping containers make excellent shelters in extreme situations.  In March of this year, our team looked at the application of storage containers as living spaces.  This concept can easily be applied to the need for living space amid a natural disaster.

Whether your goal is to create a temporary rectangular shelter, or to produce a multi-level complex designed to withstand the elements, shipping containers are a viable option.  They can be tailored to fit whatever may come your way.

To protect against both winds and flooding, stacking shipping containers can be a solution.  This is because each container is designed to uphold the weight of eight more on top of itself.  Furthermore, being that each container weighs between 5,000 and 8,000 pounds without anything inside, lends to the fact that gale force winds will have little success in toppling your construct.

Their design is centered on durability.  As such, threats to their longevity are minimal.  If you set yourself up inside a container with proper ventilation, a generator, sleeping quarters and nonperishable food items, you can survive in this temporary shelter for a short period of time.  Larger families would benefit from one of our larger containers, and may be interested in our high cube options.

Regardless of the size you choose, if your needing safety for a matter of hours or days, the strength of our shipping containers might be an option.

Final Thoughts

Today, it seems that natural disasters are at the forefront of news and the interoffice commentary.  Regardless of whether you live near the ocean or inland amongst the mountains and forests, you and your family are not immune to the potential of a natural disaster occurring in your proximity.

Taking even the most minor steps toward emergency preparations can help to put you at ease and to offer you and your loved ones a sense of control and power over an ever-changing environment.  If you’re someone looking to take a step further toward disaster preparations and are considering a shipping container for emergency storage or shelter, our team at Instant Storage would be happy to assist.

Contact our team or generate your quote today, and you’ll be on your way to having a plan for prolonged safety and survival.  

5 Reasons to Rent a Storage Container For Your Special Event

If you are a coordinator for any type of special event, then you’re no stranger to the hassles that come with searching for the right amount of cost-effective and secure storage for your event materials.  Organizing the collateral and logistical items for any event can be daunting, even for the most seasoned event professional.

Instant Storage Shipping containers might just be your solution, and today we will discuss the 5 reasons why you should consider storage containers for your next special event.  Whether you’re planning a music or food festival, sporting event, or even a family reunion, it’s time you considered a portable container as a solution to your storage needs.

Reason One:  There is Zero Setup Time

Second only to planning, setting up for a special event is one of the most time-consuming undertakings of the occupation.  Building event tents and coordinating decorations, displays and attractions can take days and even weeks.  The last thing your team should concern themselves with is building out their storage facilities.

Renting storage containers eliminates the time guzzling task of building on-site storage.  With Instant Storage, you merely place an order that matches your specific storage needs, and then set your delivery date.  This container will be dropped at the desired location, and from there, it will be ready for your use.

No longer will you need to construct temporary floors, tenting or temporary walls just to store your much needed supplies.  Opting for a storage container is akin to manifesting storage space practically before your eyes.

Reason Two:  Shipping Containers Are Your Most Secure Option

For many reasons, tenting and other temporary structures are not the most secure sites to store your valuable event materials or merchandise.  While other temporary stowing options are often waterproof, there is no guarantee that your goods will weather the rain, snow or harsh winds. With storage containers, you’re assured that your supplies are within the walls of a sealed and sturdy container that will withstand the worst weather conditions.

Additionally, and at no extra charge, Instant Storage provides a highly effective lock box, adding an enhanced level of security to your container. Designed to be strong enough to withstand the toughest conditions, thieves will be met with a discouraging challenge if they intend to break into one of our containers.

Reason Three:  Portable Storage Containers are Multipurpose Facilities

While we’ve discussed in detail the benefits of storing your goods within a container rather than another temporary storage option, there are several other potential uses for these giant metal boxes.  Many special events are now utilizing them for makeshift storefronts and workspaces.

Consider the modern industrial look of a storage container and their applications as office and recreational space, much like we’ve discussed in our previous posts.  Apply that appeal to your exposition space or event activities, and the results could be ideal.

Reason Four:  They are Clean and Aesthetically Pleasing

In the past, you may have been dissuaded to use a storage container at your event due to their rough appearance.  However, the containers that we utilize are well-kept, painted and exceedingly clean upon arrival to any site.  You can rest assured that our containers are noticeably appealing and professionally attended to.

In a recent article, we discussed just why folks are interested in looking to containers as a housing solution.  If people are considering residing in one, perhaps it’s time to rethink their attractiveness and their applications in an event setting.

Reason Five:  They are Your Most Cost-Effective Option

While the pricing for temporary structures will vary depending on your vendor and your specific needs, utilizing storage containers is often your most cost-effective option.  Especially for events in need of multiple facilities, it is frequently the case that, when adding up the costs for sturdy and stable flooring and tenting, coupled with security features, the costs become exorbitant.

By choosing to rent a storage container, it means eliminating the need for building floors, constructing tenting, and concerning yourself with security features.  A container accomplishes these goals in an affordable manner.  For information on our pricing structure, contact one of our experts.


As a special event coordinator, you have many options when it comes to storing your important event necessities.  Before you turn to temporary options that can’t offer your total security, weatherproof capabilities, or time and money saving options, consider Instant Storage as the most suitable alternative.

We guarantee that our products and our service standards are superior and are aligned with the needs of any special event.  For more information on our portable storage container offerings, or to request a quote, feel free to call our shipping container experts at 1-866-615-7368 or request a quote today.

The Latest Trend: Shipping Container Parks

It may come as a surprise to you, but your local mixologists, foodies and retail junkies may have found a new place to frequent:  A Container Park.  We’ve already discussed the potential benefits of Container Living, containers for urban farming, and the traditional storage benefits of industrial containers.  It’s high time we dove into the benefits and joys of using a shipping container for vendors and retail.

Case Study:  The Downtown Container Park in Las Vegas, Nevada

Perhaps one of the most well-known and adorned examples of retail shipping container parks is that of the Downtown Container Park in Vegas.  This cultural hub located on historic Freemont Street is bustling with boutiques, unique cuisine, and live entertainment virtually all the time.

Described as being an open-air shopping center, this park offers everything from upscale restaurants to food-truck style grub and everything in-between.  This 19,000-square foot area consists of a mixture of forty-three re-purposed shipping containers and forty-one Xtreme cubes to house roughly 39 shops, restaurants and bars.

This park is truly amazing, but why should someone consider something like this as an option for their business?  In 2014 alone, the area saw over 18,000 visitors per day, on average.  This adds up to about 126,300 people per week who patronized this park.  These businesses are gaining a lot of exposure, and this exposure could be attributed to the mere novelty of the concept of shipping containers as retail space.  

Where Else Do Shipping Container Parks Exist?

San Diego

In 2015 The Quartyard opened up to feature live music, libations and food trucks.  Since its inception, its grown into what’s now known as a focal point for festivals, craft beer and even well-kept dog parks.

Other Parts of Nevada

In Reno, NV, the concept of using shipping containers as housing for bars and restaurants is beginning to catch on.  In early 2017, The Eddy, an outdoor, fenced in area with shipping containers surrounding it, opened in downtown Reno, Nevada.  This beer garden and community watering hole is the first of its kind to reach the area.

Offering a mix of outdoor recreation and aesthetically pleasing outdoor seating, this container park is an exceedingly popular spot for friends and families of all ages to gather.  

These outdoor shopping and eatery centers are popping up across the country.  Who knows how long it will be before one pops up in our neighborhood or local downtown region.  Will your business be ready?  Are you considering hopping on this trend that seems to have no end in sight?  

Is a Shipping Container Park Right for Your Retail Business?

Other California cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Long Beach have already climbed aboard and are thriving.   So, are you interested in developing your own Container Park or joining a current one?  According to, setting up shop in a refurbished shipping container may be an affordable and appealing alternative to traditional retail.

In an article that follows the story of one refurbished sunglasses retailer, The Entrepreneur describes how this sunglasses business could charge a premium for their sunglasses, control the presentation of their product, and attract their ideal consumers.

Food for Thought:  This sunglasses shop was excelling in New York City, paying only $1,400 per month including utilities for the space.  Paying that amount for retail space in New York City is unheard of.  It’s probable that shipping container park life is more affordable than traditional brick and mortar.

About Us

If you are in the least bit intrigued by the idea of developing a Container Park in your area, there’s a lot you’ll need to know.  Where portable storage containers come from, how much they cost, and what it takes to begin construction are all questions you’ll need answers to.  Instant Storage can help get you these answers, give us a call today!

Purchasing a Portable Storage Container – the Hows, the Whys, the Benefits

Purchasing a storage container can provide tons (no pun intended) of benefits. However, actually acquiring them can prove to be quite the task for a number of different reasons. Hopefully this guide will make for a smooth acquisition and help with your project and also answer some questions as to why buying storage containers has become so popular.

Types of Portable Shipping Containers for Sale

First of all, not all storage containers are created equal. There are several sizes, types, and conditions that they come in. Within these size ranges, there are options such as:

  • Refrigerated containers
  • Insulated containers
  • Open top containers
  • Dry freight containers

Common Grades of Shipping Containers

Instant Storage carries models of portable storage containers ranging from 10 feet to 53 feet. The most popular sizes by far are the 20 foot and 40 foot shipping containers. These containers will usually be available for purchase in a variety of different conditions. The common jargon you will hear and see for the industry are:

  • IICL – Institute of International Container Lessors is the most strict grading criterion in the industry.
  • New – These units will typically have been on one trip and in tip top, like new shape. They may sometimes come with a warranty and should not have to be inspected to transport cargo for 5 years
  • CW –  Cargo Worthy means the container meets the standards in its initial specifications required to transport cargo.
  • WWT –  Wind and water tight is a pretty self explanatory condition. A storage container in this condition should not have any holes in it however, that does not apply to the understructure of the unit.
  • Damaged – Damaged shipping containers for sale will come on an “as is” basis and will typically show signs of wear and tear. Dents, rust, missing parts, and doors not fully closing are some typical signs of a “damaged” container. The price of shipping containers will depend on the condition and your negotiating skills.

Shipping Container Delivery

Once you’ve gone through the process of buying a portable shipping container, your journey isn’t quite done. In fact, one of the most difficult parts of buying a storage container can be working out the logistics of delivery. Some companies may include the delivery of the container in the price but others may require you figure out transportation yourself. Instant Storage is one of the companies that will deliver your shipping container for you within the areas they serve.

Hopefully this guide on how to buy shipping containers has been helpful. Instant Storage seeks to provide a high level of customer service whether you need to buy or rent a storage container. Please contact Instant Storage today for any inquiries you may have.

Are Portable Storage Containers Strong Enough For My Project?

When considering durability, strength, and craftsmanship, the term “military grade” often comes to mind. Often times when considering using a storage container for a project, there is a high probability you are looking for something that is safe, secure, and can take some level of abuse both inside and out. If you are concerned about whether or not a storage, also known as a shipping container can stand up to whatever it is you plan on using it for, keep in mind, own own U.S. Military uses them in several strategic ways across the globe.

Besides using mobile storage units for their primary purpose of storage, there are several other quite incredible uses that the military chooses to use the containers for. Some of the most innovative are:

  • Mobile barracks
  • Mobile offices
  • Mobile training facilities

Innovative Shipping Container Uses by the Military

Perhaps the most controversial of the three uses listed above is the mobile training facilities. This is due to the fact that much of the training and operations for drone pilots and drone flights are done from a mobile shipping container. Why use a shipping container for something like this? Well, as discussed earlier, portable storage units are safe, secure, and can stand up to the elements in almost any condition which in turn protect its contents. In fact, shipping containers have withstood the test of time being used as the chief method of transportation in the shipping industry for over 60 years.

Mobile storage units are as versatile as they are tough. For example, the same portable shipping container used as a training office can be turned into a studio apartment used as a barrack for a soldier or even an office for a commanding officer. The containers are made of steel which ensures protection from the elements as well as an adaptable structure for any minor modifications such as creating windows.

Storage Container Stats

The typical 20 foot storage container can weigh upwards of 5,000 pounds where a typical 40 foot storage container can weigh upwards of 8,000 empty. However, the impressive part is the amount of payload these containers can accommodate. A 20 foot mobile shipping container can accommodate over 55,000 pounds! The 40 foot mobile shipping container can accommodate over 60,000 pounds of payload! It might be a little more clear why the military has chosen to incorporate them for so many different uses.

We look forward to answering any questions that you may have that are specific to your project. But if strength and durability was your main concern, we hope we’ve alleviated it. Chances are, if it’s strong enough for the military, it’s strong enough for your project. Please contact us at your earliest convenience and we’ll be happy to help you rent a storage container today. in any way we can.

A little 411 on the 911: On-Demand Storage Containers Provide Relief in a Pinch

There’s no two ways about it.  People don’t think about storage until they have to.  Usually that spells an impending move or renovation.  However, there are times when storage needs move quickly from a rarely contemplated issue to a code red concern.  It stands to reason that emergencies, severe weather events and other unpredictable scenarios keep storage companies like us incredibly busy.  

Almost invariably, it’s portable, or on demand storage companies that can respond to folks who find themselves in pressing circumstances.  Instant Storage, as the name implies, is storage made available on the spot – any spot where a medium to large container can be delivered and unloaded, in fact.  People who face a disaster like residential fire or flood don’t have the time or resources to load up their belongings and move them to some distant, fixed location facility.  In such times, people need all the fast help they can get to salvage their lives and avoid losing more property than they already have.  Enter the big, steel box heroes.

Storage in an Instant

Storage containers from Instant Storage are shipping containers of various sizes and configurations.  They’re loaded on trucks and delivered to driveways, businesses, schools and construction sites, where they become invaluable to those using them.  Their solid steel construction, full-width double doors and spaciousness make them the ideal answer for people who need to safely stow their stuff, whether planned or in a nasty pinch.

Restoration companies rely on portable storage solutions for getting furniture and other property out of a fire or flood damaged home quickly and conveniently.  Containers are delivered shortly after they’re requested and picked up after the job is done.  There’s no truck rental, wasted driving times or risk of improper or unsightly property storage.

Donating for Disaster

As it turns out, homeowners and restoration firms aren’t the only ones calling on Instant Storage for quick relief in tough times.  In both California and Florida, the Red Cross has relied on us in disaster relief scenarios.  Our containers have served in countless capacities over the years.  They store food, water, shelter, medicine, blankets and clothing for people and communities that have been displaced by extreme events.  They’ve served as temporary medical shelters and command and control sites.  Instant Storage gets the containers to relief agencies, including wildland firefighters, as soon as we get the call.  Once situations are stabilized, the units are picked up and put back into circulation elsewhere.  As a service to the great organizations helping out and to the affected communities, Instant Storage donates these containers to relief efforts.

Fortunately, not every day greets us with disasters and emergencies.  The majority of storage scenarios are reassuringly uneventful.  Free of sirens and floodwaters, most container deliveries are scheduled and follow pretty predictable routines.  It is interesting to think however, that our containers have traversed the oceans, traveled on trucks and trains, moved college students, served on jobsites and hotel renovations and held gear for rock bands and aviation companies alike.  There’s a long and varied history to each of our units, and given way they’re built, a long and interesting future ahead.  Regardless of your needs for mobile storage containers, Instant Storage will be here when you need us.  Give us a call or find us online and we’ll bring you unparalleled convenience, reliability, service and of course a portable storage container.  

Would You, Could You in a Box? Container Living 101.

If you’ve never stepped inside one, you can’t hope to understand just how inviting shipping containers are. Yes, shipping containers. The workhorses of global trade have an alluring quality about them. I know it sounds strange, but get in one and see for yourself. And that might explain why shipping containers, formerly affixed to ships, trucks and railcars are now playing such an important role in the current home building revolution.

Few things on the planet are as practically-conceived or purpose-built as the noble cargo container. Its design and construction betray qualities of expediency, ergonomics and durability. These attributes certainly lend themselves to home building and home living. We want livable homes that last a long time and are simple to build. And these are the same qualities that appeal to folks who want to minimize the impacts of home building on the environment.

Jobsite Heartache

Visited a construction site lately? Beyond the impressive hard work, have you noticed how much waste is generated by home building? Eight thousand pounds of wood, drywall, cardboard, carpet, tile, metal and paint come out of each 2,000-square foot house that’s built in this country. That’s several dump trucks per home and all of it is destined for landfills. Shipping containers boast wonderful benefits when viewed from this sad statistic. They are recycled and repurposed and they are cheap. Used containers cost approximately $2,500 – $3,500 delivered. And while homeowners inevitably modify them, they are already built.

Stack ‘em Up

For folks wishing to build a container home, they’ll be delighted about how configurable they are. Shipping containers are designed to be stacked on top of each other. Each can withstand the weight of eight more atop of it. This works in the favor of designers wanting to create multi-level living. Conventional vertical construction is typically expensive. Not so with container buildings. Units are positioned as desired on top of one another and bolted and welded down. Unique designs and increased interior space are quickly achieved using a crane and chains.

Great Lines: Thinking Inside of the Box

The rectilinear geometry of a shipping container also lends itself to contemporary architectural design. Using an acetylene torch and grinder, a craftsman can cut custom windows, sliding glass and doors into their stalwart frames. In the interior, container homes are plumbed, wired, insulated and finished with sheet rock or paneling. Conjoined containers with a removed shared wall offer impressive space when utilized for great rooms and dining/kitchen combos. From the exterior, finished container homes definitely convey something unique, but most strangers would never know that the home before them once transported toaster ovens and running shoes across the oceans from Asia.


If you’re intrigued and have never seen a container home, get online. There’s a wealth of information out there about the phenomenon. People are building gorgeous, spacious and affordable homes while limiting their impact on the environment and getting something truly unique, not to mention bullet-proof in the process.

Why Choose a Shipping Container Over a Storage Facility?

Using a portable shipping container for long or short-term storage needs beats remote location facilities hands down. Many people don’t yet realize that portable, or Instant Storage as it’s come to be known, is an option for secure, affordable storage that boasts unmatched convenience and security. When you consider that the storage unit comes to you, is removed when no longer needed and is on or near your property, the convenience is easy to wrap your head around. It’s the security considerations that we’ll bring to light in this post however.

Taking Control

A primary reason to opt for storage on demand is control. When you have a shipping container delivered to your residence, place of business or jobsite location, you maintain control of the keys, where it is placed and the hours you can access it. None of this holds true with traditional storage facilities. There is no strolling over and gaining access to your items in a fixed location scenario. Not only must you conform to their hours of operation, but you must drive there. Furthermore, you aren’t the only one who can access your unit at a storage facility. Welcome to the dim-lit realities of storage facilities. Cue the Twilight Zone music.

Smile, You’re on Camera

Despite the creepiness of being filmed at all angles while you maneuver into the cramped confines of your unit, I guess the closed-circuit TVs are a good thing. After all, lots of unsavory activity happens at storage facilities. You never know who your neighbors are at these places and what they’re storing, or stealing, as the case may be. While we’re on the topic of bizarre, a new trend is emerging whereby people rent units to occupy them. I’m talking about living and sleeping in these things. Call me insensitive, but I don’t particularly want Storage Stan bedding down next to my worldly possessions on the regular.


Shipping containers are the Abrams tank of storage. In short, they’re indestructible, impregnable and won’t ever let you down when it comes to security. These units are designed to withstand the most punishing scenarios in global commerce. Rent a shipping container and you won’t be the first to want to buy one. Upon delivery and initial inspection, husbands tell their wives, “Honey, we should get one of these.” Wives incredulously respond, “What in heaven’s name for?” Husbands eloquently respond, “Because they’re just so AWESOME!” And she thought the bigger barbeque was a bad idea. Jokes aside, step in one and you’re immediately impressed by how capacious and well-engineered they are. They’re built for one purpose alone – safeguarding their contents against whatever mother nature or some miscreant can throw at them.

You need storage or temporary staging of possessions, tools, inventory or equipment. You need it to be safe. Do yourself a favor and click or call Instant Storage today. You won’t find a safer, more convenient option anywhere.