Shipping Containers for Natural Disaster Preparedness

In the wake of so many tragic natural disasters taking place both in the United States and abroad, disaster preparedness is top of mind for many business owners and families.  Prepping for a natural disaster can range from very minimal planning and shopping to the more complex preparations like designing a storage facility and temporary shelter.  Utilizing storage containers for natural disaster prep is a great way to secure belongings and to create a safe place to go for you and your loved ones.

Below we’ll discuss the ways in which storage containers like those sold by our experts at Instant Storage can be ideal for whatever your disaster plans may be.  Being that mobile storage containers come in many sizes, certain options are more suited for some projects than others.  If you have any questions regarding the best use of a particular container, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Portable Storage Containers As Long Term Storage

If you are interested in storing your emergency supplies inside a container, there is much to consider.  First, the amount of storage needed is dependent on several factors.  Will you be storing for only yourself or do you have a large immediate or extended family who may need supplies?  

Storing just enough supplies for yourself can be accomplished easily with an 8×10 portable storage container (the smallest dimensions offered by our company).  This option has a capacity of 80 square feet – enough space to comfortably store nonperishable food items, bottled water, a generator and all other essentials.  

8×10 shipping containers set themselves apart in terms of strength and durability, so you can rest assured that your goods are safe.  Being that most containers can hold an average of 55,000 pounds, you need not concern yourself with the weight of your supplies.  Additionally, they are well suited to withstand the elements, so your goods can be protected amidst the worst weather and natural disasters.

Whether you’re battling flooding, harsh winds or even earthquakes, shipping containers used for storage of emergency supplies are built to last.  Apart from natural disasters, these containers are ideal when faced with looters.  During the most recent hurricanes (Harvey and Irma), stores and residences faced the imminent threat of larceny.  Utilizing our double-door containers eliminates this threat because they are virtually impenetrable. In many cases, business owners will just rent a shipping container while they wait out the natural disasters and then have them picked up once things settle down.  

Shipping Containers As An Emergency Shelter

In addition to their optimal storage implications, shipping containers make excellent shelters in extreme situations.  In March of this year, our team looked at the application of storage containers as living spaces.  This concept can easily be applied to the need for living space amid a natural disaster.

Whether your goal is to create a temporary rectangular shelter, or to produce a multi-level complex designed to withstand the elements, shipping containers are a viable option.  They can be tailored to fit whatever may come your way.

To protect against both winds and flooding, stacking shipping containers can be a solution.  This is because each container is designed to uphold the weight of eight more on top of itself.  Furthermore, being that each container weighs between 5,000 and 8,000 pounds without anything inside, lends to the fact that gale force winds will have little success in toppling your construct.

Their design is centered on durability.  As such, threats to their longevity are minimal.  If you set yourself up inside a container with proper ventilation, a generator, sleeping quarters and nonperishable food items, you can survive in this temporary shelter for a short period of time.  Larger families would benefit from one of our larger containers, and may be interested in our high cube options.

Regardless of the size you choose, if your needing safety for a matter of hours or days, the strength of our shipping containers might be an option.

Final Thoughts

Today, it seems that natural disasters are at the forefront of news and the interoffice commentary.  Regardless of whether you live near the ocean or inland amongst the mountains and forests, you and your family are not immune to the potential of a natural disaster occurring in your proximity.

Taking even the most minor steps toward emergency preparations can help to put you at ease and to offer you and your loved ones a sense of control and power over an ever-changing environment.  If you’re someone looking to take a step further toward disaster preparations and are considering a shipping container for emergency storage or shelter, our team at Instant Storage would be happy to assist.

Contact our team or generate your quote today, and you’ll be on your way to having a plan for prolonged safety and survival.  

An Affordable Approach to Hospital Storage Solutions

For decades, healthcare facilities were designed to host as many patients as possible in order to maximize profit. The patient-centered design movement has changed the way that hospitals are designed by emphasizing the importance of larger, more private patient rooms. While larger rooms may improve the patient experience, other spaces, like storage areas, may suffer. Storage space is not as important of a consideration in hospital and clinic design. Because of this, many healthcare facilities lack adequate storage space.

Healthcare reform has made healthcare more accessible than ever. However, this influx of newly-insured patients is putting a strain on hospitals’ already limited storage space. A lack of storage space may make it difficult to order new supplies, causing problems with the hospital supply chain, or even stock outs! Staff may also become frustrated with the clutter and inventory issues caused by a lack of storage.

When storage rooms and supply closets are full, hospital administrators must use creativity to find new hospital storage solutions. A common quick fix is often to convert a patient room into a storage room. However, this solution is not ideal because less patient beds mean less profit. Other healthcare providers faced with a lack of storage turn to off-site storage as a solution. However, they quickly learn how inconvenient and inefficient it is to drive supplies back and forth between the storage facility and hospital.

The demand for better patient rooms and more storage space is pushing many healthcare administrators to consider building or buying new facilities. However, declining reimbursements and tight profit margins are causing many healthcare facilities to put their re-building plans on hold.

Luckily, there’s another hospital storage solution that’s both convenient and affordable: portable storage containers! Many healthcare facilities use portable storage containers because they’re affordable, and it’s easy to schedule deliveries and pick-ups.

Portable storage containers are convenient and easy to access because they are located on-site. Instant Storage offers portable storage containers in a wide variety of sizes and configurators, so there’s an option for every healthcare provider. For example, shelves can be installed to store files and paperwork. Steel doors and secure locks ensure that your documents and equipment stay safe.

Other benefits of hospital storage solutions from Instant Storage include:

  • Freeing up patient rooms being used for storage space
  • Eliminating the need to travel to and from an off-site storage facility
  • Eliminating stock outs and other inventory issues
  • Easy access to infrequently used equipment and supplies
  • Avoiding the need to invest in new buildings

Do you need more more storage space for your healthcare facility? Learn more about our innovative and affordable healthcare storage solutions or generate a quick quote now!