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Instant Storage Blog

shipping container water park

Shipping Container Water Sports Center Makes a Splash

The Water Sports Center Halsskov’s diving tower is made from three stacked shipping containers(Credit: Mads Fredrik) The project, named Water Sports Center Halsskov, is located in a former ferry port in Korsør, Denmark. Its most defining feature is a diving tower made from three recycled shipping containers. The containers are painted bright yellow and stacked atop each other. The shipping containers […]

Affordable Storage Container Homes

Habitat For Humanity to Build Affordable Storage Container Community

Forget bricks and lumber – there’s a new concept in affordable home building: storage containers. The North Collin County Habitat for Humanity is embarking on a project that hasn’t been done before. The project comes just as the program celebrates its 25-year history in the community. Plans call for a 35-unit storage container community in […]

Shipping Container Resort

European Ski Resort Constructed With Shipping Containers

Shipping containers can serve many needs when they’re repurposed in a whole new way. For example, you can create gardens and grow fresh fruits and vegetables in urban areas. They also have been repurposed as full-fledged tiny homes, spare studio spaces, and most recently, a ski resort. That’s right: A ski resort in Eastern Europe […]

shipping container farm

Shipping Containers Used In Farming Operations

Using the small interiors of shipping containers, the facility in Summerville farms has moved its operations indoors. By retrofitting 320 square feet of storage, they converted available space into a highly productive aeroponic farm. Seed to harvest, they can produce nearly 4,000 heads of lettuce in just five weeks. That’s almost 13 heads of lettuce […]

farm operations

Farmers can now finance the purchase of portable storage containers

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Farm Service Agency has announced farmers can now finance the purchase of portable storage containers as part of changes to the Farm Storage Facility Loan program. Currently, the Farm Storage Facility Loan program offers low interest financing options to help food producers build or upgrade facilities. As these structures tend to be […]

Home exterior with storage space

5 Reasons Why Shipping Containers Are Better Than Storage Sheds

We’ve discussed in previous posts, the notion that using shipping containers for long-term storage is a great way to keep your belongings safe amid both weather, larceny or anything else the world may subject it to.  Some have argued that storage sheds work just as well, and should be considered before shipping containers.  In this […]

Heart painted on containers, natural disaster preparedness

Shipping Containers for Natural Disaster Preparedness

In the wake of so many tragic natural disasters taking place both in the United States and abroad, disaster preparedness is top of mind for many business owners and families.  Prepping for a natural disaster can range from very minimal planning and shopping to the more complex preparations like designing a storage facility and temporary […]

rent a shipping container for events

5 Reasons to Rent a Storage Container For Your Special Event

If you are a coordinator for any type of special event, then you’re no stranger to the hassles that come with searching for the right amount of cost-effective and secure storage for your event materials.  Organizing the collateral and logistical items for any event can be daunting, even for the most seasoned event professional. Instant […]

shipping container park

The Latest Trend: Shipping Container Parks

It may come as a surprise to you, but your local mixologists, foodies and retail junkies may have found a new place to frequent:  A Container Park.  We’ve already discussed the potential benefits of Container Living, containers for urban farming, and the traditional storage benefits of industrial containers.  It’s high time we dove into the […]

Man holding clipboard

Purchasing a Portable Storage Container – the Hows, the Whys, the Benefits

Purchasing a storage container can provide tons (no pun intended) of benefits. However, actually acquiring them can prove to be quite the task for a number of different reasons. Hopefully this guide will make for a smooth acquisition and help with your project and also answer some questions as to why buying storage containers has […]

chinook helicopter carrying a shipping container

Are Portable Storage Containers Strong Enough For My Project?

When considering durability, strength, and craftsmanship, the term “military grade” often comes to mind. Often times when considering using a storage container for a project, there is a high probability you are looking for something that is safe, secure, and can take some level of abuse both inside and out. If you are concerned about […]

on demand storage containers loaded onto truck

A little 411 on the 911: On-Demand Storage Containers Provide Relief in a Pinch

There’s no two ways about it.  People don’t think about storage until they have to.  Usually that spells an impending move or renovation.  However, there are times when storage needs move quickly from a rarely contemplated issue to a code red concern.  It stands to reason that emergencies, severe weather events and other unpredictable scenarios […]

A neighborhood made of shipping container homes

Would You, Could You in a Box? Container Living 101.

If you’ve never stepped inside one, you can’t hope to understand just how inviting shipping containers are. Yes, shipping containers. The workhorses of global trade have an alluring quality about them. I know it sounds strange, but get in one and see for yourself. And that might explain why shipping containers, formerly affixed to ships, […]

Shipping container traveling on highway

Why Choose a Shipping Container Over a Storage Facility?

Using a portable shipping container for long or short-term storage needs beats remote location facilities hands down. Many people don’t yet realize that portable, or Instant Storage as it’s come to be known, is an option for secure, affordable storage that boasts unmatched convenience and security. When you consider that the storage unit comes to […]

Container in the woods

Shipping Containers: Nothing Safer Exists. (A true story!)

Years ago, I owned a timber and forestry bi-products business that was situated on a large industrial lot on the periphery of our city. While the location just east of the 205 Freeway was ideal for receiving log trucks and dispatching our own semis, it happened to be home to a large indigent population of […]

Shipping container being lifted by crane

How to Rent and Utilize a Shipping Container for Storage

Whether you fall in the ‘bigger is better’ camp may depend on personal preference and taste. However, there are certain tasks which don’t lend themselves to subjective opinion. You don’t move sheets of plywood with a motorcycle and you don’t cut hair with a chainsaw. Sometimes you need to go big, and when you do, […]

Two construction workers smiling about their construction storage containers

Why Construction Companies and Contractors Choose Instant Storage

Pemberton Building Inc. is a general contractor and construction company located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Pemberton Building Inc. specializes in constructing and renovating restaurants, gas stations, shopping malls, hotels, and more. During restaurant renovation projects, Pemberton Building Inc. often struggled to find space to store the furniture inside the restaurant, like tables and chairs. […]

A portable storage container surrounded by boxes

Got a Question About Portable Storage Containers? We’ve Got Answers.

We tend to think about portable storage containers only when we’re forced to – which means that some event has occurred, or will occur, that necessitates the most convenient, least obtrusive storage solution possible. The good news is that portable storage containers are ultra-convenience and will yield you time savings. Portable storage containers are delivered […]

Eco friendly portable storage containers

Go Green with Instant Storage

All consumers identify with the benefits of instant, or on-demand products and services. Unfortunately, because of their ease and convenience, such products and services aren’t always so easy on the environment. One industry that’s far gentler on the environment than its predecessor while granting tremendous time and cost savings to the user is portable storage. […]

Woman observing plants in storage solution

Shipping Containers: The Future of Urban Farming?

The farming industry is evolving rapidly, and shipping containers are one of the catalysts for change The shipping container has, in no small way, shaped society. Nondescript and unassuming, it has propelled globalization and spurred world trade. As global container traffic grew, ports became wider and larger, changing the face of cities. Over the years, […]

A woman inspecting hospital storage solutions

An Affordable Approach to Hospital Storage Solutions

For decades, healthcare facilities were designed to host as many patients as possible in order to maximize profit. The patient-centered design movement has changed the way that hospitals are designed by emphasizing the importance of larger, more private patient rooms. While larger rooms may improve the patient experience, other spaces, like storage areas, may suffer. Storage space is not […]

A woman looking at retail storage

Rethinking Retail Storage

When shoppers enter your store they see a beautiful display of racks and shelves full of colorful products. What they don’t see is the retail storage area or stockroom where all of the back stock is stored. New business owners are rarely prepared for how much retail storage space is needed to maintain a robust operation […]

A group of people standing in front of construction trailers

5 Benefits of Construction Trailers

Construction companies are legally responsible for providing a clean and safe workplace for their employees. However, constructions sites are often inherently dangerous. This is because employees are working on and around unfinished structures that are not yet “up to code,” and may include dangerous elements like exposed wiring and uneven floors. To add to this challenge, workers may have […]

Industrial vehicle carrying containers away from port

A New Way to Think About Storage

For better or worse, people don’t stay put or stick around for long any more. Whether it’s a job, home, business model, or relationship, we seem a bit less planted and more prone to pack it up. Given the newfound nomadism and transience, we figured storage should embody mobility as well. So, gone are the […]