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5 Reasons Why Shipping Containers Are Better Than Storage Sheds

We’ve discussed in previous posts, the notion that using shipping containers for long-term storage is a great way to keep your belongings safe amid both weather, larceny or anything else the world may subject it to.  Some have argued that storage sheds work just as well, and should be considered before shipping containers.  In this article, we will debunk this opinion and highlight why you should choose a container instead of a storage shed.

Storage sheds are great.  You can have one constructed by a professional, or even teach yourself how to build one using the latest YouTube video.  They can be customized to fit your space and your needs, and can be built in such a way as to match their current surroundings (your home or workspace).  However, there are 5 reasons why the storage shed is outmatched by the shipping container, and here they are:

Reason 1:  They are Weatherproof

At some point, any storage facility will be tested by mother nature.  Spring rains, winter snowfall, gale force winds, or perpetual humidity are just a few of the elements that any long-term storage will encounter.

Water damage can be one of the most detrimental issues to affect most any storage.  Sheds made from wood or any other absorptive materials can potentially succumb to warping or rotting because of continued moisture from rain, snow or humidity.

Warping can cause doors to no longer close or for the entire foundation to lose shape, while Rotting can cause mold or fungus to grow, creating an unsanitary and unsavory storage environment.  Long-term, the effects caused by water damage will eventually diminish the integrity of your storage and will likely break or fall apart if left unattended to.

Shipping containers, on the other hand, are 100% waterproof and provide a haven for your possessions from not only moisture and its effects, but from wind and fire as well.  Being that these containers are comprised of fire and waterproof durable steel, whatever you keep inside will remain safe and secure.

Do you live in an area with continually strong winds?  If yes, then you’ll need storage much sturdier than your average shed.  Shipping containers made from steel are very heavy, and as such, they are impervious to even the fiercest of winds.  Your possessions will remain safely inside while the sheds of your neighbors may be unfortunately blown over.

Reason 2:  No Assembly Required

It’s true that many sheds can be put together by either yourself or a professional.  If you choose to assemble your shed, can you guarantee that you’ll follow instructions precisely, devoid of any structural errors?  If not, then you may be putting your possessions at risk.

You can choose to hire someone to build your shed, but are you ready to pay an exorbitant amount for the finished product?  Labor fees for assembly on top of the initial price of your shed will add up, especially if you opt for the more complex and high-quality selections on the market.

If you are in search of a place to safely store your tools, equipment or virtually anything else without having to worry about the labor or cost of assembly, a shipping container is your best option.  Our containers can be dropped onto your property and are then immediately ready for use.  There are no separate pieces and there is no foundation required.  No need to break out that power drill; we’ve already done the work, saved you time and saved you money!

Reason 3:  They Are Secure

Sheds are most often made up of wood, plastic, or other materials that can easily be broken into or deconstructed.  Throwing an expensive lock on the door of your shed doesn’t necessarily keep your stored goods safe.  Your storage facility is only as secure as its weakest point, which may be the door hinges, the frame, foundation, etc.

Shipping containers are the most secure option for storing expensive and valuable belongings.  Because our containers are made of steel throughout, with only either single or double doors, no thief would have an easy time breaking in.  From the roof to the hinges, there no weak point to be found on a shipping container.

Reason 4:  They are Less Expensive

As with most purchases, when buying a shed, you’ll get what you pay for.  If you’re hoping to save money when buying a storage shed, you’re likely to encounter the issues mentioned above such as water damage, assembly flaws and theft.  Opting for a more expensive shed is something to consider, but fees for assembly will rise, respectively.

Shipping containers are relatively inexpensive, and as we’ve discussed, save you the money you would’ve spent on assembly.  What’s more, they last forever due to their durable steel construction, unlike a wooden or plastic shed.  So, rather than buying two or more sheds throughout your lifetime, one shipping container would suffice.

Lastly, because they last forever, shipping containers in good condition are easy to re-sell.  Good luck trying to sell your older, worn out storage shed!

Reason 5:  They Look Cool!

Just because you’ve chosen a shipping container for your storage does not mean that you must sacrifice aesthetics.  Shipping containers can be customized and tailored to have both a modern and elegant appeal.  Paint your container to match your home or office building, or cut in windows and extra doors to make this container your own.

Don’t be fooled by your preconceived notions relating to the size of containers, either.  While you may be picturing an oversized rectangle atop a flattened ship bed, the truth is we offer shipping containers of many sizes.  Choose from as small as an 8 x 10 container or as large as an 8.5 x 53!

Convinced?  Then it’s Time to Buy!

If you’re convinced that a shipping container is the better option over a traditional storage shed, contact our team at any time.  We’d be happy to discuss your exact needs and set you up with the perfect container.