Are Portable Storage Containers Strong Enough For My Project?

When considering durability, strength, and craftsmanship, the term “military grade” often comes to mind. Often times when considering using a storage container for a project, there is a high probability you are looking for something that is safe, secure, and can take some level of abuse both inside and out. If you are concerned about whether or not a storage, also known as a shipping container can stand up to whatever it is you plan on using it for, keep in mind, own own U.S. Military uses them in several strategic ways across the globe.

Besides using mobile storage units for their primary purpose of storage, there are several other quite incredible uses that the military chooses to use the containers for. Some of the most innovative are:

  • Mobile barracks
  • Mobile offices
  • Mobile training facilities

Innovative Shipping Container Uses by the Military

Perhaps the most controversial of the three uses listed above is the mobile training facilities. This is due to the fact that much of the training and operations for drone pilots and drone flights are done from a mobile shipping container. Why use a shipping container for something like this? Well, as discussed earlier, portable storage units are safe, secure, and can stand up to the elements in almost any condition which in turn protect its contents. In fact, shipping containers have withstood the test of time being used as the chief method of transportation in the shipping industry for over 60 years.

Mobile storage units are as versatile as they are tough. For example, the same portable shipping container used as a training office can be turned into a studio apartment used as a barrack for a soldier or even an office for a commanding officer. The containers are made of steel which ensures protection from the elements as well as an adaptable structure for any minor modifications such as creating windows.

Storage Container Stats

The typical 20 foot storage container can weigh upwards of 5,000 pounds where a typical 40 foot storage container can weigh upwards of 8,000 empty. However, the impressive part is the amount of payload these containers can accommodate. A 20 foot mobile shipping container can accommodate over 55,000 pounds! The 40 foot mobile shipping container can accommodate over 60,000 pounds of payload! It might be a little more clear why the military has chosen to incorporate them for so many different uses.

We look forward to answering any questions that you may have that are specific to your project. But if strength and durability was your main concern, we hope we’ve alleviated it. Chances are, if it’s strong enough for the military, it’s strong enough for your project. Please contact us at your earliest convenience and we’ll be happy to help you rent a storage container today. in any way we can.