A little 411 on the 911: On-Demand Storage Containers Provide Relief in a Pinch

There’s no two ways about it.  People don’t think about storage until they have to.  Usually that spells an impending move or renovation.  However, there are times when storage needs move quickly from a rarely contemplated issue to a code red concern.  It stands to reason that emergencies, severe weather events and other unpredictable scenarios keep storage companies like us incredibly busy.  

Almost invariably, it’s portable, or on demand storage companies that can respond to folks who find themselves in pressing circumstances.  Instant Storage, as the name implies, is storage made available on the spot – any spot where a medium to large container can be delivered and unloaded, in fact.  People who face a disaster like residential fire or flood don’t have the time or resources to load up their belongings and move them to some distant, fixed location facility.  In such times, people need all the fast help they can get to salvage their lives and avoid losing more property than they already have.  Enter the big, steel box heroes.

Storage in an Instant

Storage containers from Instant Storage are shipping containers of various sizes and configurations.  They’re loaded on trucks and delivered to driveways, businesses, schools and construction sites, where they become invaluable to those using them.  Their solid steel construction, full-width double doors and spaciousness make them the ideal answer for people who need to safely stow their stuff, whether planned or in a nasty pinch.

Restoration companies rely on portable storage solutions for getting furniture and other property out of a fire or flood damaged home quickly and conveniently.  Containers are delivered shortly after they’re requested and picked up after the job is done.  There’s no truck rental, wasted driving times or risk of improper or unsightly property storage.

Donating for Disaster

As it turns out, homeowners and restoration firms aren’t the only ones calling on Instant Storage for quick relief in tough times.  In both California and Florida, the Red Cross has relied on us in disaster relief scenarios.  Our containers have served in countless capacities over the years.  They store food, water, shelter, medicine, blankets and clothing for people and communities that have been displaced by extreme events.  They’ve served as temporary medical shelters and command and control sites.  Instant Storage gets the containers to relief agencies, including wildland firefighters, as soon as we get the call.  Once situations are stabilized, the units are picked up and put back into circulation elsewhere.  As a service to the great organizations helping out and to the affected communities, Instant Storage donates these containers to relief efforts.

Fortunately, not every day greets us with disasters and emergencies.  The majority of storage scenarios are reassuringly uneventful.  Free of sirens and floodwaters, most container deliveries are scheduled and follow pretty predictable routines.  It is interesting to think however, that our containers have traversed the oceans, traveled on trucks and trains, moved college students, served on jobsites and hotel renovations and held gear for rock bands and aviation companies alike.  There’s a long and varied history to each of our units, and given way they’re built, a long and interesting future ahead.  Regardless of your needs for mobile storage containers, Instant Storage will be here when you need us.  Give us a call or find us online and we’ll bring you unparalleled convenience, reliability, service and of course a portable storage container.