How to Rent and Utilize a Shipping Container for Storage

Whether you fall in the ‘bigger is better’ camp may depend on personal preference and taste. However, there are certain tasks which don’t lend themselves to subjective opinion. You don’t move sheets of plywood with a motorcycle and you don’t cut hair with a chainsaw. Sometimes you need to go big, and when you do, you might as well throw in rugged, tough and safe.

Moving and storage are among life’s less joyous affairs. While moving can be a very happy occasion– the promise of a new home or perhaps an improved business location – the physical act of lugging boxes, furniture, tools and office supplies is about as thrilling as a root canal. When moving and storage become truly joyless however is when you’re underprepared, underequipped and outgunned.

Most temporary storage solutions involve palletized, light-weight containers that are dropped in your driveway or parking lot for a pre-determined amount of time.   These portable storage units work nicely for short-term and low-security scenarios. And that covers a fair number of residential moves, where temporary driveway staging is needed. For all the other occasions, you have a heavier-duty option.

Rugged Shipping Containers for Storage

At Instant Storage, there’s no plastic and canvas, no lightweight aluminum and no chance of finding a stronger, more secure, or purpose-built storage solution. Instant Storage containers are maritime shipping containers. They’re designed to withstand the most grueling of environmental conditions while keeping their cargoes dry, safe and unharmed. They’re built to tolerate incredible abuse while they’re stacked onto ships, craned onto trucks and transferred to freight trains. Because they’re spec’d for that type of rough and tumble, they will certainly handle whatever you throw at them.

Your Storage Container is Safe

What does this mean for you? It means you will not find a more secure option for storing your valuables, anywhere. The steel containers are impenetrable, have twin locking doors and are every bit as affordable as their less-secure competitors.

Heavy on Convenience

Despite their heft, Instant Storage shipping containers boast ultimate convenience. They’re delivered to your home, jobsite or place of business and hauled away as soon as you no longer need them. There are no binding contracts, no driving to and from fixed location facilities, and time wasted managing logistics.

If you’re in the market for convenient, secure and customizable storage, click or call Instant Storage. Shipping containers are delivered in multiple configurations where and when you need them, including dual-purpose containers that can serve as temporary work space and storage combinations. Navigate to Instant Storage and make your way to a happier, more secure moving and storage adventure.