Go Green with Instant Storage

All consumers identify with the benefits of instant, or on-demand products and services. Unfortunately, because of their ease and convenience, such products and services aren’t always so easy on the environment.

One industry that’s far gentler on the environment than its predecessor while granting tremendous time and cost savings to the user is portable storage. Simple, flexible storage delivered to your door also has the added benefit of a lighter carbon footprint.

Portable Storage Containers vs. Mini Storage

There are few places as uninspired as the old mini storage facility. The dimly-lit corridors of fixed location storage sites carry a high cost for our environment as well. The buildings are climate controlled and lit. They’re perched on large, paved-over parcels of land and are constantly rumbling with uneconomical trucks loading and unloading the things people don’t often use, but can’t seem to part with. Worst of all, people must drive back and forth from their home or worksite to the mini storage facility to obtain their belongings from storage! These trips to and from the storage facility are not only inconvenient, they also cause traffic and pollution.

The other option is portable storage. Besides imparting convenience, flexibility and affordability to the client, portable storage containers don’t take the toll on the planet that conventional mini storage facilities do. They are stackable (and virtually impregnable) steel storage containers that don’t have permanent homes. That’s right – these vagabond vessels don’t require asphalted acreage to sit atop when they’re either in a driveway, at a business or not in use. And while some multi-purpose containers are configured with air conditioners, lighting and other amenities, they don’t impose the enormous infrastructure requirements that fixed location facilities do.

The Eco-Friendly Choice

Increasingly, it’s important for home owners and business owners alike to make responsible, eco-friendly choices. This affects where we source goods and services, our transportation choices and how we interact with their communities. From time to time, we all have to move, improve a room or building, store seasonal inventory or transition in some way. Instant storage offers unmatched expediency and convenience with minimal impact on our lives, schedules, bottom lines and environment.

Make the environmentally friendly choice and enjoy the convenience that portable storage containers provide. Fill out the form to get a quote on one of our portable storage containers today.