Rethinking Retail Storage

When shoppers enter your store they see a beautiful display of racks and shelves full of colorful products. What they don’t see is the retail storage area or stockroom where all of the back stock is stored. New business owners are rarely prepared for how much retail storage space is needed to maintain a robust operation with a great supply chain. Businesses that are enjoying high sales may also need to seek out new storage solutions if customer demand exceeds the volume of products that can be stored and displayed in the store.

A lack of retail storage space can lead to all sorts of complications. When faced with an overabundance of back stock and lack of storage, retail managers are forced to make difficult choices. They may choose to:

  • Deeply discount last season’s inventory in order to move it as quickly as possible
  • Start looking for larger, more expensive spaces to host their storefront and products
  • Reduce the volume of stock that they are ordering

The problem with these options is that they all have the potential to negatively impact the bottom line. For instance, selling products at a deep discount has a negative impact on profit margins. Storefronts with more storage area tend to be more expensive. Moving to a larger storefront means that rent will increase and marketing efforts will have to be implemented so that your customers know that your business is moving. Not to mention the stress, time and effort it would take to relocate your business! Reducing your inventory would also be a risk because there would be less products to sell and turn a profit on. You may also be unable to meet customer demand with a smaller inventory.

The good news is that there are alternative ways of creating more space for less money. For example, Instant Storage provides innovative and affordable retail storage solutions for retailers in Florida and California. Our portable storage containers are clean, safe, and secure, and available in a variety of sizes and configurations. We also offer storage container modifications like heavy duty shelving to better serve your business needs.

There are many benefits of portable storage for retailers that are short on storage. For example, portable storage containers cost a lot less then constructing or renting a new storage facility or storefront. Portable storage also gives retailers a way to access their inventory on-site without having to construct more storage space or transport products from storage to storefront.

Another benefit of portable storage is that it saves business owners money by only paying for storage when they need it. Because the volume of inventory fluctuates throughout the seasons, retailers may only need extra storage for just a few months out of the year. For example, retailers often order more inventory before the holidays in order to prepare for the seasonal spike in consumer demand. This seasonal inventory may not fit into the existing storage space, necessitating the need for portable storage. After the seasonal inventory has been sold, the portable storage can be hauled away so that the business owner doesn’t have to pay for storage space that she doesn’t need.

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5 Benefits of Construction Trailers

Construction companies are legally responsible for providing a clean and safe workplace for their employees. However, constructions sites are often inherently dangerous. This is because employees are working on and around unfinished structures that are not yet “up to code,” and may include dangerous elements like exposed wiring and uneven floors. To add to this challenge, workers may have to transport tools and supplies away from the job site at the end of the work day if there are no secure structures to store supplies in.

Safe and comfortable shelter can also be difficult to find at the job site. Shelter is a basic human need, and is important for protecting workers from harsh weather during long shifts. Shelter is also necessary for people like supervisors and architects who need a desk and quiet place to work in order to get their job done.

Creating a safe and comfortable work environment at outdoor construction sites is a constant challenge for the people who own and run construction and land development companies. Here’s how construction trailers can ease most of the safety, security, and comfort challenges related to construction job sites:

1. Eliminate the Theft of Tools and Equipment

The theft of tools and equipment from jobs sites is a major concern for all construction companies. In fact, an entire black market exists for the sale of tools and equipment stolen from construction job sites. Unfortunately, 62% of equipment stolen from job sites is never recovered. Construction site theft results in monetary loss and even project delays if new equipment can’t be procured quickly enough.

Portable storage containers from Instant Storage save construction companies money by providing a safe and secure place to store mission critical tools and equipment. Heavy duty locking mechanisms on every door keep thieves away from your equipment. Keeping certain types of supplies and equipment locked and out of harm’s way also assists compliance with OSHA regulations.

2. Provide an Office for the Foreman

Although construction is a hands-on industry, paperwork must be completed at every step of the development process. The digital age has also made the use of computers and email impossible to avoid. This means that job site supervisors and foreman need a desk, computer, and quiet place to do their work, even if spend their entire work day at the job site. Since job sites are typically outdoors, dusty, and noisy, mobile container offices are a perfect way to provide foreman with a safe, comfortable, and quiet place to work. Providing job site supervisors and “white collar” workers with a construction trailer improves workplace productivity and worker satisfaction.

3. Secure Storage for Important Documents

Document security is a concern for every business, but for construction companies working at outdoor job sites, it is often difficult to find a secure place to store documents. That’s why all of our mobile container offices are equipped with a steel lockbox that can be used to store your most valuable documents and equipment.

4. Provide Shelter for Workers

Construction workers are subject to long hours and heavy labor in sometimes inclement weather conditions. Hot sun, cold snow, and whipping winds are just some of the weather conditions that construction workers are expected to work through without complaint. However, bad weather can still have a negative impact on worker morale, and can also cause illness like heat stroke or the common cold that may cause workers to miss work.

Construction trailers give your workers a safe and comfortable place to take a break from the elements. Although most of their day may be spent outside, they can use a construction trailer to take their lunch break, or shelter themselves from dangerous weather conditions like lightening, high winds, and hail.

5. Reduce Time Spent Transporting Materials to and from the Job Site

57% of a construction worker’s time is wasted traveling to retrieve, waiting to receive, or trying to find equipment. Travel time that could be better spent working at the job site is a major inefficiency that detracts from the bottom line, and can even extend the deadline of a construction project. Having a safe and secure place to store tools and equipment on-site eliminates the need for daily travel to deliver tools and equipment to and from the job site. Having secure on-site storage also eliminates the possibility of losing tools and equipment while travelling to or from the job site.

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A New Way to Think About Storage

For better or worse, people don’t stay put or stick around for long any more. Whether it’s a job, home, business model, or relationship, we seem a bit less planted and more prone to pack it up. Given the newfound nomadism and transience, we figured storage should embody mobility as well. So, gone are the days of driving to fixed location storage facilities to access your possessions. In this age of ever-increasing convenience, mobile storage is the way to go.

If you think of traditional storage in gated, rowed facilities as the rotary telephone, Instant Storage is your smartphone. The concept is as simple as it is convenient. Instant Storage, currently servicing California and Florida, offers secure portable storage containers delivered directly to your home, business, job site, etc. in any number of sizes and configurations. You use it for as long as you need it, and it gets picked up the moment you don’t. Our storage units can also be picked up and transported to new locations when fully loaded should your transition, move, remodeling, expansion, or downsizing demand it.

Having your belongings securely, but accessibly stored exactly where you want them, with options for climate control and variable configurations, opens up a world of opportunity not previously available. Below are types of customers, from business owners to homeowners, who have enjoyed the virtues of our portable storage containers:

  • Seasonal or retail businesses requiring overflow storage space for part of the year, but with 24/7 access to stored assets without having to drive and retrieve what’s needed.
  • Merging businesses or those expanding rapidly. New locations and ideal real estate opportunities rarely avail themselves in time for pressing growth needs. Instant storage facilitates critical expansion in the interim.
  • Businesses making the move from paper to paperless records. During and for some time after the transition, access to the hard copies is easy, without keeping hundreds of boxes in the office.
  • Folks who are moving and don’t want the hassle of the high-cost, high-ramp moving trucks. Instant Storage allows for moves and clean-outs with a sane and measured pace, especially if there’s an imposed delay between the vacate and new occupancy dates.
  • Real estate, education, construction, healthcare, and other industries have marketing materials, temporary furniture, educational materials and specialized tools for particular projects that need to be stored in convenient, widely accessible, and safe areas. In these cases, portable storage containers provide the security, access, and flexibility to address any number of needs.
  • Homeowners remodeling or completing repairs before selling and moving. Getting furnishings and possessions out of the way, but with continued, immediate access is super-convenient.

We also offer office/storage combo units that combine well-lit, climate-controlled office space with windows, and excellent access doors with ultra-secure storage space. These units are widely popular among contractors, real estate firms, and project management companies.

Whatever the need – whether personal or professional – if you’re in the market for portable storage containers, consider the incredible convenience and flexibility of Instant Storage. Get a free online quote today!