Storage Trailer Rental in Florida

Need additional shipping containers or storage trailers for your Florida business or home, but don’t want to spend a ton of cash? Instant Storage offers competitively priced semi-trailer storage for rent. They’re perfect if you need to add extra storage space on short notice, or if you need to manage heightened business activity. Our semi-trailers, which are equipped with either swing or roll up doors, come in two sizes: 45 x 102 and 48 x 102.

Presently, Instant Storage’s semi trailer storage rental is available only in Florida. Learn more about the products and services offered at our Florida location or get a quick online quote today.

Storage trailer rentals available in Florida

Storage Semi-Trailer 45’x102″ (Storage Only)

Exterior Dimensions: L: 45′ W: 102″ H: 8’6″
Dock height: 50″
Flooring: Hardwood
Doors: Swing or Roll Up
Florida Storage Semi-Trailer 45'x102″
Available: Florida Only

Storage Semi-Trailer 48’x102″ (Storage Only)

Exterior Dimensions: L: 48′ W: 102″ H: 8’6″
Dock height: 50″
Flooring: Hardwood
Doors: Swing
Florida Storage Semi-Trailer 48’x102″
Available: Florida Only

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