Shipping Containers: Nothing Safer Exists. (A true story!)

Years ago, I owned a timber and forestry bi-products business that was situated on a large industrial lot on the periphery of our city. While the location just east of the 205 Freeway was ideal for receiving log trucks and dispatching our own semis, it happened to be home to a large indigent population of unsavory folks. Timber and forestry businesses are heavily dependent on equipment and machinery – all of which is expensive – so envelopment by this demographic was problematic.

Vulnerable Contracting Site Security

On a good week, we’d show up on any given morning and find fuel tanks syphoned of fuel or hoses, cables and chains that had grown legs and wandered off in the middle of the night. That type of theft is concerning and costly, but not devastating. Not long after, we had truck windows broken for the CB radios, fire extinguishers and medical kits inside. It seemed that theft increased as the weather worsened and broken windows are exceedingly unpleasant and unsafe during the winter.   At this time, we were storing our truly valuable equipment like chainsaws, winches and other forestry indispensables in locked cargo trailers. That was a big mistake. About an $8,000 mistake to be precise.

A desperate thief’s best friend and sole possession is often a set of bolt cutters. This single tool allowed for the breaching of the chain link fence around our facility as well as the effortless entry into our locked trailers. We found sheared padlocks on the ground, 6 chainsaws, a topographical survey instrument and several other pieces of equipment gone.

An Introduction to Shipping Container Safety

That was the end of our trailer storage days. Fortunately, our lot was flanked by several construction, heavy equipment and metal fabrication companies. These businesses maintain impressive inventories of costly tools and equipment and they all live with serious security and anti-theft concerns. Invariably, they all use shipping containers to keep their tools safe, dry and secure.

No set of bolt cutters or level of ingenuity can overcome a shipping container. Without an acetylene torch or an M1 tank (neither of which are terribly inconspicuous), a human being is not getting into a shipping container. This is what makes them the ideal storage solution for people and businesses that want a convenient, inexpensive and super-secure option for storing tools, inventory, residential possessions and more.

My Shipping Container: Locked, Loaded, and Left Alone

What a disappointment it must have been for the band of larcenists who preyed upon us to find our tools and equipment safely stowed in a 40’ double-doored fortress. We got smart and they went home empty handed. The security provided by our impregnable container was such that once the bandits knew it was there, they didn’t even bother coming any more. About a week after the shipping container was delivered and craned into place, we repaired our chain link fence for the last time. We never had another incident of theft or vandalism on the property again.

I naively thought locked, enclosed cargo trailers were a suitable solution for storing our gear. I was wrong. That mistake cost several days of production and thousands of dollars. Do not fall victim to a similar oversight. Instant Storage will deliver a rugged shipping container to your property at an affordable rate, with no binding contracts and pick it up when you no longer need it. Whether for short or long-term storage requirements, nothing beats the convenience, security and peace of mind that’s delivered right along with Instant Storage shipping containers.

How to Rent and Utilize a Shipping Container for Storage

Whether you fall in the ‘bigger is better’ camp may depend on personal preference and taste. However, there are certain tasks which don’t lend themselves to subjective opinion. You don’t move sheets of plywood with a motorcycle and you don’t cut hair with a chainsaw. Sometimes you need to go big, and when you do, you might as well throw in rugged, tough and safe.

Moving and storage are among life’s less joyous affairs. While moving can be a very happy occasion– the promise of a new home or perhaps an improved business location – the physical act of lugging boxes, furniture, tools and office supplies is about as thrilling as a root canal. When moving and storage become truly joyless however is when you’re underprepared, underequipped and outgunned.

Most temporary storage solutions involve palletized, light-weight containers that are dropped in your driveway or parking lot for a pre-determined amount of time.   These portable storage units work nicely for short-term and low-security scenarios. And that covers a fair number of residential moves, where temporary driveway staging is needed. For all the other occasions, you have a heavier-duty option.

Rugged Shipping Containers for Storage

At Instant Storage, there’s no plastic and canvas, no lightweight aluminum and no chance of finding a stronger, more secure, or purpose-built storage solution. Instant Storage containers are maritime shipping containers. They’re designed to withstand the most grueling of environmental conditions while keeping their cargoes dry, safe and unharmed. They’re built to tolerate incredible abuse while they’re stacked onto ships, craned onto trucks and transferred to freight trains. Because they’re spec’d for that type of rough and tumble, they will certainly handle whatever you throw at them.

Your Storage Container is Safe

What does this mean for you? It means you will not find a more secure option for storing your valuables, anywhere. The steel containers are impenetrable, have twin locking doors and are every bit as affordable as their less-secure competitors.

Heavy on Convenience

Despite their heft, Instant Storage shipping containers boast ultimate convenience. They’re delivered to your home, jobsite or place of business and hauled away as soon as you no longer need them. There are no binding contracts, no driving to and from fixed location facilities, and time wasted managing logistics.

If you’re in the market for convenient, secure and customizable storage, click or call Instant Storage. Shipping containers are delivered in multiple configurations where and when you need them, including dual-purpose containers that can serve as temporary work space and storage combinations. Navigate to Instant Storage and make your way to a happier, more secure moving and storage adventure.