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Portable storage containers available for rent in California and Florida

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Storage Containers for Rent in California and Florida

Since 1976, Instant Storage has been offering on site storage container rentals to a diverse customer base. We provide secure, flexible, and high-quality portable storage containers and office/ storage combos, which come in a variety of sizes and configurations. For years, Instant Storage has expertly addressed the temporary or seasonal storage needs of various businesses, including construction, industrial, retail, government, and residential. But we don’t stop there: Instant Storage specializes in mobile storage, which means we will deliver our storage containers directly to your site. You can expect the units to arrive on site clean, painted, and equipped with a lock box.

What sets Instant Storage apart from other storage container rental companies is the exceptional customer service we provide throughout the rental period. Expect a hassle-free and worry-free experience, from the moment you contact us or get an online quote to the time you have the storage container picked up after you’ve used it.

The Instant Storage Promise

What you need, when you need it, where you need it! Our portable storage containers, mobile container offices, and storage semi-trailers are competitively priced and delivered promptly and directly to your site.

This is the Instant Storage promise, and with this kind of commitment, it’s no wonder we’ve become the trusted and preferred provider for portable storage container solutions in California and Florida.

Our Locations

Instant Storage delivers on site storage containers and office trailers in California and Florida.


Loaded Container Handler

Now Available in South Florida

Instant Storage has expanded its storage container rental services. We can now move loaded storage containers in Florida. No need to unload your contents; we’ll come pick it up and move it to your next job site!

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Loaded container handlers now available in our Florida location